beach days out

naturally scenic and surrounded by hills,river and sea chittagong is one of the fastest growing city in the world.Levelled as port city,chittagong, with the burden of its ever-growing population, lacks not only crucial utility services but also recreation sites such as, natural parks and playgrounds, which are considered beneficial to the physical and mental health and quality of life. However, pressure of mass migration coupled with the decades of unplanned urbanization has made the city totally a space-starved city. Both landlords and developers spare no space on their land for a garden or a playground.Patenga sea beach remains one of the most top rated spot for people to hang out and recreation with less facilities.2

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The Guitarist

More than 40 shops involves in photography services for tourist at Patenga sea beach in Chittagong.around 150 unskilled photographers take photographs with compact digital camera at 20 taka apiece for a 4×6 print.photographers and owner of those shops involved with this business are very disappointed as the business declined sharply due to cell phone camera and digital camera that most of the visitors carry.Beach photographers trying to adopt the situation and using different props for tourist to make them interested to take photographs by the beach photographers.hats,sunglasses and guitar are most popular props.almost everybody like to take photographs with guitar,so there are almost 50-60 guitar(some of it without strings) at patenga beach that every beach photographer carries to their back and approach to the tourist for take photographs