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Just west of the Indian border, Jaflong is a township whose natural abundance is under threat. This rural area has the potential to be a dream destination for urban-weary tourists seeking the tranquil surroundings of lush forests and pristine waterfalls. But unfortunately, all is not well here. Over the past two decades, Jaflong’s landscape has been systematically destroyed. The vista that could have once come straight off an artist’s canvas is changing fast. Perhaps forever.

Boulders have become Jaflong’s blight. With more than a hundred stone-extracting and crushing companies operating in and around its perimeter, the entire area has turned into a huge stone quarry.The stone traders excavated both sides of the Piyain River but did not fill the holes they dug for stones.The stone crushing units in Jaflong have also been posing a serious threat to the environment and the workers who work at the industry.The stone crushers are being operated in populous areas in violation of the rules,

polluting the environment and posing a serious health risk.Locals said a lot of noise created by the stone crushers and the air pollution deter tourists from visiting the area.Respiratory diseases and headache are common among the labourers.

“According to the rules, stone crushers must use water in the machine to stop dust from spreading but only a few firms abide by the rules, said Zakir, owner of a crushing unit. Around 500 stone crushing mills have been operating in Jaflong .

The mining companies see Jaflong as an exploitable resource, rather than a scenic treasure and tourist’s hotspot.







beach days out

naturally scenic and surrounded by hills,river and sea chittagong is one of the fastest growing city in the world.Levelled as port city,chittagong, with the burden of its ever-growing population, lacks not only crucial utility services but also recreation sites such as, natural parks and playgrounds, which are considered beneficial to the physical and mental health and quality of life. However, pressure of mass migration coupled with the decades of unplanned urbanization has made the city totally a space-starved city. Both landlords and developers spare no space on their land for a garden or a playground.Patenga sea beach remains one of the most top rated spot for people to hang out and recreation with less facilities.2

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